Monday, February 21, 2011


Thursday mornings have their of which I think about over a weekend. Thursdays create an opportunity to accomplish something great...namely to roll out a full, topped off yard waste bin before it gets hauled away to some magical place. It was to my wonderment this morning when a neighbor saw that my bin was un-closable because of the hundreds of Rhododendron branches I had stuffed in there, and suggested that I fill hers up as well, since she wouldn't be using it by Thursday.
It wasn't long before I hired two workers, at the affordable rate of one dollar each, and headed into the cold to do some real work on an out of control juniper, who was not only assaulting our tiny front yard, but the public sidewalk. Fortunately, the workers already had gloves, with Diegos on them, and were up for the challenge of filling the big green bin with green branches...for a little green of their own.
Washington State must have some rules on child labor laws. That aside...I suppose there is something quite fulfilling about using all that bin space you pay for, and something quite nice about getting to stop working once its full. Its the little things...right?


Jenny said...

green? looks more like silver and copper to me. tell simon and levi they're getting robbed!

Chris Gough said...

I gave them a dollar...calm down, this picture was taken pre-dollar. Simon wanted to spend his at McDonalds on fries. "Lets just go home, I can get my dollar, and we can come back!"

Rebekah said...

you are a good man to take them outside and teach them about how work earns them money! I love you and am blessed by all that you find time to do in the midst of our crazy life!

Angela said...

I love this post. Will you pls come to my house and use those anti-child labor laws to use?