Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Listen Back - Pastor T.L. Barrett & The Youth for Christ Choir

My good friend Zach handed me a cd Sunday of Pastor T.L. Barret. "It's sick." Were the words he so eloquently spoke (He teaches literature at a private he knows how to word things). He went on to mention that it is an early 60's recording ('71 to be exact) and that it just had a vibe that was hard to not love...I couldn't agree more and have been listening to this pretty solidly since Sunday...I have also been comforted that our next generation of kids are getting the type of education I'm not sure I ever got...thanks Zach!

As I am writing this, I am listening to the title track (the one linked here) and the call and response is totally working on my three year old Levi who is singing along with the choir after getting the words from Pastor T.L Barret. It is the type of music that is simple but packed full of power, emotion and purpose. Throw in some solid drum and bass work and a healthy bit of organ, and we have a winner. 

If you consider yourself a DJ, this album is a must is available on vinyl directly from Light in the Attic Records, or if you live in Seattle...SonicBoom in Ballard, where Zach stumbled upon it. 

Pastor T.L. Barrett is still alive and still pastors a church in South Chicago, hosts a twice a week radio show called "A Word to the World." His love of theology and music is commendable and right up my alley. Although his theology is too left field for me...his music music seems right on target!

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