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Simon Says #4

After taking Levi to his first Mariners game (which is memorable to him only because of the the blue cotton candy and the really long escalator that we found), Simon was excited that he got to go in a couple of weeks. "We can't go for a couple of weeks because the Mariners are out of town playing the Blue Jays and and Yankees." I told him. That was true, but secretly I also wanted to wait until the 31st when kids got to run around the bases after the game.
That night he and Levi were spending the day/night at Grandma's and as dinner time rolled around he made it clear to Grandma that he would no be able to spend the night, because Dad was taking him to a Baseball game against the Hankys.

I was in the kitchen one afternoon, and overheard Levi dying of laughter. Because history has taught me that this can mean piling toys on the baby, or coloring the carpet with sharpies, I decided to investigate...verbally.
"Levi! What are you doing!" I yelled over my shoulder from the sink.
"I'm peeing back-words!" He declared from the bathroom.
Turning off the sink, and not sure of what I would find, I moved hastily toward the bathroom to find Levi sitting on the toilet, facing the tank, proudly enacting his new technique.

Josie: Because she cannot talk, Josie has built up a strong friendship with the other person in the house with the same limitation: our dog Renton. They both take great joy around her ability to get about 20% of the food she tries to eat into her actual mouth.

Simon and Levi:
Yesterday morning I made some blueberry pancakes. Both boys wanted peanut butter on them which, naturally, creates the dire need of a beverage. Levi reached this conclusion first as he is a bit of a beverage guy. So much so, in fact, that at one point we thought he was allergic to dairy...and took him off of it for a few months (because of his less then normal bowel movements). As it turned out, he was not allergic at all, but was consuming heavier then adult levels (as a two year old) of nature's diarrhetic: Apple juice. So when Levi requested something to drink I gave him the three choices revealed by our refrigerator: Lemonade, Milk and Water. Levi subconsciously picked the one with the highest sugar content and was happy to continue his breakfast.
Simon, not wanting to substitute good sugar for taste, requested an option not on the list - Chocolate Milk. Not hearing a complaint from Levi, who seemed quite content with his now completely gone pink Lemonade, I caved and made Simon a small glass of chocolate milk.
Time rolls on, and Simon, lightly sipping his beverage being held by both hands, quietly says, "Mmmm, I'm Dying."
"What was that?" I said, hoping for a repeat.
"This chocolate milk is soooo good, you have to try it."
I quickly made sure that I was actually talking to Simon and not Rebekah, whose language and mannerisms had somehow been channeled, (I am forced to assume through the ownership of a special brown morning beverage) and took a sip.
It was good.
"Can I try?" said a hopeful Levi.
Without missing a beat, Simon, filled with heavy empathy, replied, "Ooooh, I'm so sorry Levi. But you are allergic to dairy... I wouldn't want you to be sick." He looks at me and shakes his head with sympathy for Levi's condition, which made me wonder about other unknown levels of nonsense he pitches at Levi when there is not someone there to mediate. After seeing that I did not approve of his logic, he was able to find a compromise that would work for all. Taking his stirring spoon in hand, he turns back to Levi and says, "Ok Levi, you can have ONE SPOONFUL!" He scoops out a light spoonful, feeds it to Levi (Who gladly accepts and has no problem with any of this) and then they both return to their pancakes.

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