Friday, April 22, 2011

Spilling Hope is THIS SUNDAY!

     So the mastering is done (Thanks Jason Holstrom!), the art is done (Thanks Andrea Moon!), the web page is ready (Thanks Jeremy Green!) and the tracks are zipped up and ready to be downloaded first thing Easter morning! It was fun to find bands, and get them to sign-on for this really important work of providing clean water. I even had the chance to interview (almost) all of them, and throughout the 50 days of the project, I will be posting those interviews here!
If you haven't yet checked out please do! And on Sunday you can get the music, determine your involvement, get focused and make a difference. Last year the project raised over $200,000!

Here is a sneak peek at the artist who are on this year's compilation:
Doug Burr (Texas)
Seryn (Texas)
Omega (Uganda)
Half-handed Cloud (California)
Beau Jennings (New York)
Joy Follows (Seattle)
Cahalen Morrison and Eli West (Seattle)
Jubilee (Seattle)
Sleeping at Last (Illinois)
Late Night Transit (Seattle)
Andrew Belle (Tennessee)
Sherwood (California)
Denison Witmer (Pennsylvania)


LadyBee said...

Seryn!!!! Love them!

Nana said...

This project is pretty cool! Congrats!!!
Kisses and God bless u.

Kristen said...

i can't wait to give this a listen! thanks for all your hard work on this project, chris! it is going to be such a blessing to people...and i know it already is to the artists who had a chance to participate.

amy said...

awesome, chris! looking forward to giving the tracks a spin!