Thursday, March 24, 2011

Simon Says #2

Every Friday is game day...from our perspective this means the only day that our kids can ask us if they can play video games; from the kids perspective its Christmas morning once a week. Yep, complete Christmas morning: having trouble falling asleep the night before, getting up early to wake us up, wanting to stay in pajamas all day long and having several meltdowns. Due to the ridiculous nature of this we may do away with games all together, but in any case, today from early afternoon on, Simon was asking questions about when tomorrow starts.
"How many minutes until tomorrow?"
"What time does Friday start?"
"Is it tomorrow yet?"
This all culminated after dinner, when Simon and Levi were playing in the family room. Mom had thrown out twelve hours for night time, which was not exactly what Simon wanted to hear...several minutes later, Simon stopped, knelt down, folded his hands, closed his eyes and said, "Jesus God, PLEASE make night time only last five minutes. Amen."

About a year ago, I was in my bedroom, which is at the end of the hall that opened into the dining room and kitchen. I was walking out of the room and passed the then 3 year old Simon in the hall. Pointing his thumb over his shoulder, but not breaking his stride, he stated out of the corner of his mouth, "Levi's up to something."
I was a little in shock at this little guys vocabulary, and then made my way to the kitchen, where I caught the tail end of Levi's dumping of an entire box of cereal onto the ground.

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Rebekah said...

I am so glad you are recording this hilarious stuff it will be a gift when they are grown!