Friday, February 11, 2011

Spilling Hope

So last year my friend and band-mate Adam Finch and I reached out to a bunch of musicians and put together a music compilation for a clean water initiative called Spilling Hope. (I technically did a little more then Adam...but that doesn't one is keeping score here...same team right? Love you Adam, you did a great job!!!) The project raised over $330,000 in the first two years, and has been an exciting success! This means that 33 communities now have access to clean water through the digging of deep borehole wells by Living Water International. These guys are the best, and are used by the One Campaign, UNICEF and tons of other groups. All the communities are in Southern Uganda, and we are setting the stage to do it again this year.

My task in this project is pretty cool, I get to put together the compilation and have been quietly plugging away at this for a few months, and it is going to be really good.
There was some unbelievably excellent music on the first compilation last year: Josh Ottum, Deccatree, Sleeping at Last, the Republic, PawnShop Kings, Raining and OK, Rosie Thomas, Ivan & Alyosha, Wonderful, Ryan J. Lane and Julie Jane) and you can still download the compilation here if you just enter your email. But shhhh...its sort of secret link.

In preparation for Spilling Hope Volume 2...I will be interviewing each artist that submits a song, so you can start to get acquainted with the musicians supporting Spilling Hope this year. Keep you eyes peeled!

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Jenny said...

chris, you're at the top of my list!

btw, how do I get on this next compilation? i mean i don't sing or play an instrument...but i think there's got to be some room for a stand up routine. right?