Saturday, January 22, 2011

Simon Says #1

It makes sense to me that I should throw in posts about the funny things that my kids say...because, well, they are hilarious and say some pretty amazing things.  Simon is my oldest so it makes sense to call these posts: Simon Says.  Just to be clear, there are many things said by Levi and I imagine someday Josie as well...but the good things said will go down here for my own memory as well as for your enjoyment!

I'll start with one from each of my boys good measure:

Levi:  11:30pm...age 2, in his sleep, at full volume..."UNO!"...five minutes later, quite casually, and still in full REM mode..."ya see that dad?"

Simon:  "What is Mom drinking?"
Dad, "Coffee"
Simon, "Cause only girls drink coffee?"
Dad, "No guys drink coffee too, just not Dad."
Simon, " girls have hearts?"

1 comment:

bryan said...

a) your background choice is garbagey.
b) what about 'say that in Spanish!?'

these ones are still good though!