Thursday, January 25, 2007

the end of an era

every tuesday night for the past 5 years i have been playing music at bethany community church. it began with dave myron, josh head and i with a band that we called "Elwood P. Dowd." we only played two shows/parties but we had a ton of fun, and created some really great music. in the last two and a half years i have switched from guitar to drums and have been playing with the Republic. we still will be practicing on sunday nights, but the tuesday night night is over. (sigh) dave and i (dave is in the republic with me, but josh is now playing with emery) had a moment of realization last tuesday night that it was a staple for us for longer then i was in college. and now it is over. the good news is that our band is VERY close to finally putting our money where our mouth is and heading to the studio to record our full length album, I think it is going to be really great, and we have very high hopes for it. we have been reforming and polishing these songs for about 9 months, and just met with jon auer (the posies) tuesday who is excited about our project as well. whether we hire him (or josh ottum, or no one) as producer is our last major decision. all to say, bon voyage tuesday will be missed.


Rebekah said...

It really will be weird having you home on Tuesday nights I think you have been practicing since before we met...I am excited to hear your new recording and can't wait to finally go to a Republic show again!
Hey can you get me backstage? xo

Jenny said...

I almost pooped my pants..but then realized "girls don't do that"!

I thought you were saying the Republic was over...Jeff didn't tell me you wouldn't be practising on Tuesdays. What kind of fiance is he?

I'll still be meeting with my small group on Tuesdays...sorry Jeff!

Bryan said...


not sure where Jenny's going with any of that, but-
I couldn't agree more with Rebekah about FINALLY going to a Republic show again.

it's been too long.... far. too. long.

Bryan said...

in case you didn't see my last post....

I mentioned something about agreeing that it would be nice to see your band the Publicans play a live show before people forget who you guys are.

bryan said...

Hey Chris,
It's great to hear what you've been up to lately. You sure are making good use of the blogosphere.