Sunday, September 24, 2006

Why "dogs like digging holes?"

So I thought that I might mention the reason why I have named my blog "dogs like digging holes." When I began considering this blog, I looked out and saw Renton (right) digging in the back yard...What was he looking for? Was he having fun? Did he have something to hide? Was he showing off? Was he bored? Whatever the reason, he seemed intent on getting to the bottom of his hole, which he apparently did as he eventually stopped digging.
After viewing this spectacle (dirt on nose, paws and face, earth flinging in the air and an excited Sol encouraging from the side), I thought to myself that I am in many ways like these dogs. I like to dig. Sometimes it is to find that there is just a bunch of dirt, sometimes I lose focus and begin digging elsewhere, and sometimes...and it is rare, I seem to find something. It is this blog that I will use to post my diggings, and it may appear random, unfinished or something else entirely, but it is my hope that at the end of the day, like Renton and Sol, I can rest knowing that I have gave a good dig.

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