Sunday, August 27, 2006

dare i take the leap?

my brother bryan, older and wiser, has decided to take the time and effort to use his talents, his humor and his time to begin a comic strip about a boy named jonas (link on my blog for more info)...and i have been inspired.
i have been considering writing a book. i have no "reason" to do so other then these thoughts keep swirling and may indeed require some application. the basis of the book would be to set forth the notion that scripture/Jesus does not really deal so much in right and wrong as it deals in life and death. this may seem like a slight distinction, but the point of the book, obviously, would be to flush these things out. (for instance: a picture of God that is constantly saying "you are wrong" does not correlate with scripture as clearly as the God who is saying "watch out!") not having written much beyond letters, school essays and sermon notes this is a bit of a leap, and, while not completely sure where to begin, i am three pages of BIG PICTURE notes into the process and i guess that is a good place to be! i am referencing my own sermons, as well as thoughts that have arisen from books read, sermons given, travels made, conversations had, classes taken, films watched...certain things just stick around! can a 28 year old write a good book? with a little help i hope so...i will need a ton of feedback though, so stay tuned to future posts.


Mandy said...

I just happened upon your blog through Kristen's - You should definitely write a book. You're talented enough & what an incredible accomplishment that would be as a 28 year old!

Kristen said...

i'm with mandy. write it, chris! i think you have a good point there, one that is worth writing a book about. and 28-year-olds can definitely write books. annie dillard won a pulitzer for pilgrim at tinker creek (her first work) when she was about that age. looking forward to your posts.